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Decanted! CWS Tour De Vino - January

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I think it is hilarious that one of the guests in the January installment of the CWS Tour De Vino virtual tasting series said that his partner had eaten all of the food prepared, and so he ended up only having wine on the night with no pairing. Literally, been laughing at that and many other funny moments since this past Thursday. Read FCC review #005 for the breakdown of what was in January’s wine box.

As expected, the Chardonnay came through again and made a big second impression. We didn’t quite get the temperature perfect and that notwithstanding the wine engaged our palettes with great fanfare and surpassed expectations.

Chef Ozzie Pintard performed some alchemy in the kitchen and brought the buttery elements of the chardonnay into his seafood linguine. White wine almost always pairs well with mussels and lobster and Chef hit the flavour on the spot.

For me, I want to try the Le Bruniche Chardonnay with a sous-vide lobster pizza or pan-seared wahoo with green peas bonne femme. I didn’t have any more of the wine left, but I made the fish and my palette memory tells me it is perfect for that wine. Going to need Chris to hook me up with another bottle for...research purposes.

I had a second opportunity to graze on one of Charcuterie Bahamas’ boards and I’d absolutely recommend them for your private functions, or if you just want to be a gubba like me and have charcuterie and wine on a Tuesday for no real reason. There is something delicate about the combination of figs and camembert that I didn’t know I enjoyed together until this past Thursday. You can check them out on Instagram

The Greco de Tofu wine went really well with the charcuterie board which is unusual for white wine in my view. I think apricots and pistachios are a missing connection in this wine's flavour that bridge a taste gap forging a more complete taste profile. Don’t take my word for it - try it for yourself.

I had anticipated the Chianti wasn’t going to be a fan favourite because Bahamians’ palate usually lean more toward sweet, than dry. It seems that even the peculiar profile of this wine - it really tastes like black cherries sprinkled with white pepper, with a heavy raisin, blackberry and smoke note at the end - was a hit.

To complement the Chianti, Chef Ozzie hit us with some lamb chops, grilled vegetables and sweet potato mash. I am not sure if he reverse-seared the chops, but they were a perfect medium-rare . The Chianti met the lamb halfway on the palette. The melody of one, with the harmony of the other was a score that Mozart would be proud of, if Mozart were a Chef of course.

Get signed up for the Caribbean Wines and Spirits Tour De Vino; a monthly subscription box with wine and recipes which includes a virtual tasting on the last Thursday of every month! Simply send an email to, and tell them Nick International, and The Food & Culture Co. sent you.

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