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Happy New Year!

I had planned this long elaborate blog post about the review of the-year-that-shall-not-be-named, but decided to say fuck it and just say Happy New Year instead.

If you followed me from the-year-of-no-name into 2021 then thanks so much for sticking around, and I am sure you’ll love all the things happening that are launching this year!

So, what the hell has been up? How have you been? How it go? This post isn’t about anything specific, but still read it. I’m just talking.

I’m actually curious to know about your lives and experiences. Tell me how you guys are feeling in the comment section, if you want. It’s a no judgment zone from me, but there are some weirdos on the internet so I understand if you’d rather not. Just know, whatever it was it is no more and whatever was less then this year shall be more.

Yes, those are my own words; yes you can quote me. No, I am not a descendant of Ernest Hemmingway, but thank you.

Here is how I am feeling: fucking great.

Here is why: I finally decided to be honest with myself about a lot of the things I was going through and keeping tightly fastened in a mason jar somewhere in my subconscious. Since I took a conscious step toward dumping the trash in my head out, I feel lighter and more airy. There is more clarity and an absence of restrictions or distractions.

That’s another thing, last year really knocked my mental health like a blow from Muhammed fucking Ali. People, go and do some therapy. There is really no shame in it, and more men probably need to admit that we got some shit to untangle that you can’t really solve with sex, drugs and alcohol. One of my 2021 goals is to kick it with a shri… least twice a month. My anxiety keeps me awake at night, you’d be amazed at how that adversely impacts things like your day to day life, relationships, work - trust me.

This year is about being intentional, and moving with purpose; there will be time for flexing later. What broke in the-year-of-many-what-the-fuck-moments, was weak to begin with; what we didn’t know we needed to change in ourselves and in our own lives, we can see with the utmost clarity. In a way, that crazy year of last was probably the most impactful year of everyone’s lives. Welcome, to the new age of Aquarius, I guess.

How did your year kick off? I started off the year by conquering a challenge I’d had my eye on for a while. It really set the tone for the upcoming year for me and I hope it in someway inspires you to do something fucking difficult, step outside of your comfort zone and try something a little nuts. I ran 13 miles for no real reason other than to see if I could do it, and I did. I think my body is still punishing me for it now but what the hell. Don't mind my calm disposition, I was dying at this point basically.

For you guys who have been following the progress of both my personal brand - Nick.International and The Food & Culture Co., in March I am going to be launching "The PicNick Basket", an online store with some sexy and exclusive food items from around the world, with a special section just for Bahamian products. It really is the merger of my love for food, and travel. I can’t tell you anything else now, but you can have that tidbit for free.

Looking forward to learning from and collaborating with a lot of amazing people from The Bahamas, and around the world this year. I guess I can also share that there is an interesting series of pop-ups for cast for April, May and June to look out for - stay tuned if you want to know more, I am really happy you guys are rollin' with me like this. Thanks a lot for the support!

2021 is going to be a good one!

And now, a short poem I wrote to bring in the New Year…

To the year before I say kiss my ass

To the year we are in I raise my glass

May no pain other than champagne flow

And into the bank may all the cash go

May all of our friends and loved one stay close

May all of the fuckshots and fakes go ghost

To those whom we’ve hurt, may their hearts be healed

To those who hurt us, hope ya buck ya toe on piece a steel

If nothing else we ask of this 2021

Growth, harmony and more blessings to come!

Cheers guys!

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