Happy New Year!

I had planned this long elaborate blog post about the review of the-year-that-shall-not-be-named, but decided to say fuck it and just say Happy New Year instead. If you followed me from the-year-of-no-name into 2021 then thanks so much for sticking around, and I am sure you’ll love all the things happening that are launching this year! So, what the hell has been up? How have you been? How it go? This post isn’t about anything specific, but still read it. I’m just talking. I’m

Miles, Power Packs; Gifts for the seasoned traveler

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Yeah, I know its October; no I don’t care about Thanksgiving and pumpkin spice latte season. I am skipping straight to Christmas. Bit of an off thing for me to say. I was never much of a fan of Christmas before, there was a lot of emotional trauma built up that was concentrated in that time of the year. Since letting the spirit of the Grinch go, and re-discovering the mystery and excitement of holiday joy, I decided to take Christmas

Spearfishing: Domestic Tourism Experience

Before we get into spear-fishing and why you need to make it apart of your domestic experience bucket list, I want to drop a new word I came up with that I am hoping will stick. Hear me out – Bahami’aint. Bah-Hay-Me-Aint. Instead of explaining, I will drop it somewhere in the blog and you’ll hopefully have an “ah-ha! I get it!” moment, and if not then fuck it, I tried. Ha it go though? What’s up? Bonjour? If you don’t like crawfish, that’s fine. That’s not the only thing you