Nick International is a traveler, food blogger, lover of ribeye steaks, wine and champagne. A passion for great food and love of fine wine led to founding The Food & Culture Co. in 2015 dedicated to curating, teaching, promoting and preserving all things food, drink and culture. A home-chef with a flair for outdoor cooking, boasting a broad skill set in the kitchen, and able to make cuisine to match every stamp in his passport. 

There are many ways to explore the world, and many worlds of wine to explore. Sometimes, the best flights are a row of glasses. There is never a bad time to drink champagne. Enjoy my blog! 


Brunch Thyme @ Wild Thyme

Thyme for brunch! Chef Devan McPhee didn’t come to fuck around with any of the brunch incumbents in Nassau. Brunch Thyme at Wild Thyme...

Six Dog's Distillery - Karoo Gin

The Food & Culture Co. - Review #001 Six Dog’s Distillery Karoo Gin, magnificent. Gin is one of life’s simplest pleasures and my...