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FCC Review #006 - Louis & Steen's Market Orleans

Louis & Steen’s soft opening showed their piece de resistance this past Monday in the form of Market Orleans. Anywhere that makes me feel like I’ve left the monotony of Nassau and been transported into another city is a winner. If you can take me to one of my favourite cities, that’s even better.

I remember with fondness my trips to New Orleans. There is something about the negro-creole-cajun trifecta that is culturally kinetic; everything has rhythm and motion, colour and funk.

I think since I have started this blog and writing reviews, this may be the first time I have ever sat in the place I was writing about, while I was writing about it. I’m having an Acai bowl topped with granola, mixed berries, coconut, and raw honey and an Ethiopian coffee.

It’s a great morning.

There is much to be said about the interior design of the Market. If you’ve ever had a chat with Quinn, who is a very modest person, one of the things you’ll notice is his devotion to creating a transformative aesthetic. It is the reason the floor tiles give you kaleidoscope vibes. It is the reason the layout of the space and the colours make you feel both like you’re in a coffee shop, but also at home. Hanging plants adorn the ceiling intermingled with hanging lanterns and classic - Paris in the 60’s - style lights. It’s a coffee shop, but also a home.

So should I talk about the food, or the products first? I think I am going to start with the products, by the time I am done, my Ethiopian Coconut Latte (with Oat Milk) should have kicked in.

I got an immediate “kid in a candy store” feeling when I walked through the door and saw all of the gourmet syrups and sauces; bourbon maple and truffle hollandaise were the first to catch my eye. You’re almost spoiled for choice. My suggestion: just buy one of everything. I’m sitting here eyeing a box of fig and pecan biscuits while the ice cream is tempting me just over my left shoulder.

The space is designed for movement, there is a natural flow in here and it guides you to deliciousness. Honestly. One minute there’s sea-salt and caramel brownie mix staring you in the face, then there is bourbon bacon jam waiting to be slathered across a slice of cheese. Coming around the bend - Louis Armstrong is playing and the vibe is just right in here right now - there is the ice cream cooler tempting you into an affogato with Louis & Steen’s house-roasted coffee.

Just behind me, in the middle of this French Quarter wonderland, is a broad selection of scented candles, soaps and other items that really add to the market feeling of the space. It’s the Lemon Parsley hand soap and candles for me. Imagine Minnie Ripperton singing “and we can live each day in the spring-time” in “Loving You” - that’s the kind of spring-time freshness that fragrance gives me. My birthday is in May, if anyone was looking for gift ideas….anyway

The coffee kicked in. There are hot things, and cold things. A frozen Acai bowl (like the one I had for breakfast) is a healthy morning start and a good meal for those conscious of living a healthy lifestyle. There is a cooler that is stocked with all manner of cured meat; prosciutto, chorizo, salami and cheese to help you step your charcuterie game up!

The kitchen is state of the art and probably one of the biggest upgrades from the Louis and Steen flagship coffee shop on West Bay. It’s remarkable to me that they managed to make Jambalaya, Beignets and all of the other moreish southern delights from such a small space. With that said, the menu here is as diverse as the Saturday night crowd on Bourbon Street.

Did I mention the Great Wall of Waffle Mix?

Southern traditions like Cajun Seafood Bisque and Louisiana Red Beans and Rice jump off the menu at you. The Loaded Sweet Potatoes (tried the Guac and Rotisserie, and the Shrimp Creole) are a perfect portion size, though they are some pretty big sweet potatoes. There is also seafood (lobster/crawfish) macaroni that will make you snap your fingers as the jazz band in your soul kicks off.

Savoury, flavorful, and sprinkled with the love of NOLA.

There is so much more than the exceptional Louis and Steen’s coffee that we have come to love. Expect an organized experience as the service here is unsurprisingly efficient and pleasant. you should also expect to be entirely distracted - there is much on offer at Market Orleans and if you haven’t checked them out yet, then make it snappy papi! Get to it!!

Bon Dimanche! (Happy Sunday!)

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