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Marcus @ Baha Mar - FCC Review #011

I’m not going to bitch about my restaurant fatigue anymore; I also love a good story so here we go. There is an all around great spirit that up until recently I was just Instagram friends with. Malēnē (@myyounglao); is a chef, writer, a sommelier and owner of some pretty fire Chuck Taylor’s. I had the pleasure, at her invite to dine at the mock dinner service for Nassau’s newest restaurant. Tucked away on the waterfront of the Grand Hyatt campus (head for the beach, and then

El Jefe de Brunch - Costa @ The Rosewood

I’ve had restaurant fatigue for so long now it was starting to feel like I’d never have the excitement of something different ever again. I’m not knocking any of the incumbents either, so I hope no one gets touchy – but honestly, there isn’t a single restaurant that does brunch like Costa at The Rosewood hotel. Hands down, the islands best brunch and I will die on this hill. You couldn’t pick a more serene and inviting aesthetic for a Sunday brunch. This isn’t where you come

Toxic Relationships v. Toxic Friendships

I don’t know which is more difficult to walk away from, toxic romantic relationships or toxic friendships, what do you think? Without limiting your definition of either, I am going to say I think toxic relationships are harder to let go of. Hear me out… Falling in love with someone even in the midst of the most noxious, virulent toxicity is unfortunately easy. Falling out of love with them is hard. Most people, if we are being frank, just go around and “explore” in the name o

FCC Reveiew #010 - Unboxed ! CWS April Wine Box!

Unboxed – Caribbean Wines and Spirits Tour De Vino – April Nos vamos a Argentina! This month, we are taking a trip to the southern hemisphere to a Argentina; home of the late Diego Maradona, gauchos and grass fed beef! Argentina has always been something of an outlier of a country. They’ve had two women Presidents, and eat gnocchi on the 29th of each month, apparently. I don’t know for certain about the gnocchi, I’ve not visited yet. In my mind, Argentina is the land of beef

Baecation > Vacation

Listen, I am all for solo traveling. It’s great for soul searching and unplanned adventures since you’re bound by the limits of your own time. I have had some of my best moments on solo trips, but I have never had more fun traveling solo than I’ve had on a baecation. What can I say; it’s a very important component of a healthy relationship in my humble opinion. My first real (read: post high-school) relationship set the tone for that. We had an unforgettable trip to Paris. Th

Decanted CWS Tour de Vino - March

A little late, but better late than never, right? Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! If I learned one thing from last month’s Tour de Vino virtual tasting it is that you people love a good story. I maintain that the woman I describe in the Unboxed review is fictitious, but believe what you want. Pay attention to the wine, please! Haha March was a tour de France, and what a ride it was as we explored Burgundy, and Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence. The Chateau des Jacques was q

FCC Review #008 Unboxed! CWS March Wine Box!

I’m sitting here drinking it now. I paused for about 10 seconds just there to take a sip and savour the flavour of my favourite of this month's Tour de Vino wine club box! The whole point of the tour is to explore the world through wine. Let’s get to unboxing this month’s parcel, shall we? Fun fact about Mason Louis Jadot, they have their own cooperage. I know what you’re thinking because I didn’t know what the hell that meant either, I’ll admit. A cooper is not someone from

FCC Review #007 - Unboxed! CWS February Wine Box

Unboxed - Tour De Vino February Wine Box! As we continue our frolic through the world’s wineries, we’ve got two stops this month, Austria and the United States. Pratsch Rose (Niederösterreich) 2017 When I think of Austrian wines, I think of some of the world’s finest riesling; the F.X. Pichler’s 2013 vintage, and Franz Hirtzberger 2015 vintages. Austrian riesling is undeniably the creme de la creme - fresh, full-bodied, sharp, and minerally - even though they are typically a

FCC Review #006 - Louis & Steen's Market Orleans

Louis & Steen’s soft opening showed their piece de resistance this past Monday in the form of Market Orleans. Anywhere that makes me feel like I’ve left the monotony of Nassau and been transported into another city is a winner. If you can take me to one of my favourite cities, that’s even better. I remember with fondness my trips to New Orleans. There is something about the negro-creole-cajun trifecta that is culturally kinetic; everything has rhythm and motion, colour and fu

FCC Review #005 - CWS January Wine Box

Have you watched the Netflix series Money Heist? This wine box is going to make you want to sing Bella Ciao out of pure unfiltered happiness! The intersection between travel and wine is the Tour de Vino, a monthly wine box subscription presented by Commonwealth Wines and Spirits. More on this in a bit. Let’s talk wine! There are many ways to explore the world, and many worlds of wine to explore. January starts us off in Italy. Italy is a very sentimental place for me. I have

Ride the waves, go jet skiing!

Today’s topic: Jet-skiing. One of the most underrated experiences in The Bahamas. First, a quick story for shits and giggles because we can all use a little laughter: My cousin got married last November and I thought it was a great idea to take a jet-ski over to Paradise Island for the post-wedding lunch. I sped out of Brown’s Boat Basin heading east, turned south and did 40mph throw the narrows, jumped some waves just for fun, and then slowed down to open some champagne whil

See what I'm saying?

This eye exam took almost five and a half hours. There were lots of different tests, and procedures. I had yellow dye injected into my veins so that a photo could be taken of the inside of my left eye showing all the different blood vessels. I had to wear a hard contact lens with wires attached to it, in order to track my peripheral vision. It took about 2 hours for my pupils to finally dilate after eye drop, on top of eye drop, on top of more eye drops. I couldn’t open my ey

Happy New Year!

I had planned this long elaborate blog post about the review of the-year-that-shall-not-be-named, but decided to say fuck it and just say Happy New Year instead. If you followed me from the-year-of-no-name into 2021 then thanks so much for sticking around, and I am sure you’ll love all the things happening that are launching this year! So, what the hell has been up? How have you been? How it go? This post isn’t about anything specific, but still read it. I’m just talking. I’m

Angostura Rum Tasting - FCC Review #004

When I was a child, I remember seeing a family member mixing some odd brown concoction in a glass of orange juice, and then drinking it down. Later, he exclaimed that it had made his stomach feel better. This mysterious brown bottle with an odd leaf thin paper label and yellow twist of cap sat on the shelf for years. This was my first memory of Angostura Bitters. They now come in flavours, and the cocktail game has forever changed. Prohibition-era cocktails are my favourite d

Slam Bam Co Pop-Up - FCC Review #003

This past Saturday was the Slam Bam Co. Pop-up, presented by Chef Simeon Hall Jr at Arawak Cay. I have always believed food can transport you, transfix and transform you especially if it’s linked to a memory. So let’s talk about the good ole slam bam. The words “slam bam” will bring one of a few combinations of things to mind. Hard cheese and bread, hard salami and bread, hard cheese with salami on bread; you get the point? Phrases and associations like this go to the heart o

The First Fix....

“She got the power I’m under her control, I don’t know what it was but it really got a hold. It must be something, I had to eat, I don’t what it was, but boy it sure was sweet” – Coco Soup x Kirkland Bodie Did you watch the Chappelle special where he talked about the four separate occasions he met O.J. Simpson? This is something like that. I am going to tell you about the three times I think someone’s daughter tried to fix me. This starts with a sandwich. If you are asking me

Backburner Love - F*ck, this one got me.

I will acknowledge I am a little out of my depth here, but I had the chance to talk to her a while back on an episode of Well Muddafork. We had "behind the scenes" chat, and I remember her mentioning this track, Backburner Love. I won't divulge the details, I'll just say - so said, so sung. Of the atrocities one can commit in love leading someone on is pretty high on the list of crimes against the heart. Admittedly men are the culprits in overwhelming majority of the time tho

Miles, Power Packs; Gifts for the seasoned traveler

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Yeah, I know its October; no I don’t care about Thanksgiving and pumpkin spice latte season. I am skipping straight to Christmas. Bit of an off thing for me to say. I was never much of a fan of Christmas before, there was a lot of emotional trauma built up that was concentrated in that time of the year. Since letting the spirit of the Grinch go, and re-discovering the mystery and excitement of holiday joy, I decided to take Christmas

Flights, Anxiety and Fear

Human moment:  general anxiety disorder will lowkey have you overthinking the hell out of everything. It’s said that anxiety is a constant worry over the future, over things that haven’t happened yet. Having dealt with this since about 2008, you can imagine how stressful it used to be making that 10 hour overnight flight to the UK for University. Once the aircraft door was closed, my mind ran a million miles per minute wondering “is this gonna be the flight” (cue Final Destin

Travel is Therapy

I’ve been losing my fucking mind for the last 6 months man. If I am being honest, it was all fine and dandy until I saw my friends in Europe skating about the Mediterranean on yachts and having outdoor barbecues with ocean views. Then, I got mad. Therapy. That's what travel is. Travel, is therapy. This has been the first real check and balance between my mental health and the importance of travel. I’m not sure where it fits on the hierarchy of needs pyramid, but I’d say its p

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