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FCC Review #008 Unboxed! CWS March Wine Box!

I’m sitting here drinking it now. I paused for about 10 seconds just there to take a sip and savour the flavour of my favourite of this month's Tour de Vino wine club box! The whole point of the tour is to explore the world through wine. Let’s get to unboxing this month’s parcel, shall we?

Fun fact about Mason Louis Jadot, they have their own cooperage. I know what you’re thinking because I didn’t know what the hell that meant either, I’ll admit.

A cooper is not someone from Abaco but in fact the name of the person who makes wooden barrels and vats. Burgundy wine is proudly aged in traditional French oak barrels, and the Chateau des Jacques 2016 Morgon boasts the oak from start to finish.

What’s so sexy about this wine is that as it breathes, the colour almost seems to change. On the initial pour, it was very dark, with lots of depth like a full-bodied Bordeaux. After decanting for about 35 minutes (not very long, should really be left for an hour in my view), it lightened up and some summertime aromas started to show through. A quick swirl in the glass showed some little legs, indicative of the lightness of this vino.

The colour is red like a Darcey rose, and the bouquet presents oak first, then some mulberry, plum and strawberries. For an interesting twist, this wine almost has a smokey scent to it and a very sexy earthy undertone dusted with vanilla.

It is well-rounded, well structured and though very light, is very acidic. The smoothness is not to be overlooked and arrives valiantly at the end with a kick of strawberry compote and an old oak piercing through on the back of the tongue.

The diversity of France and the hallmarks of its different regions truly show through in the wines. I don’t know if it is possible to taste a temperature, but wines from the south of France always taste warm and summery.

Here’s the vision: I am driving in my Rolls Royce Cullinan heading along the Mediterranean coast. I’ve got on a Panama hat, a white linen shirt with the top three buttons undone, and my love is next to me in a white sundress with her Louis Vuitton clutch in her lap. We arrive at a quaint wine shop with an ocean view. The weather is balmy, breezy and poured into our glasses is Mason Selaya 2019 Rosé.

This is what I think of when I envision the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence region, and this is the vibe I get from this wine.

On the nose, this wine has hints of blossoms, very floral and presents some exotic fruits (dragon fruit poked through, along with white pears and peaches). There is a taste of red fruits, which I suspect is a product of the Grenache grape varietal. This rosé is elegant and balanced. The flavour of red cherries, red apples, watermelon and pomegranate are all abiding by the one band - one sound rule. They are all present, but neither overpowers the other.

You guys also got two free gifts in this month box, didn’t you?! Angostura orange bitters and cocoa bitters! I’m not going to share what I’ve decided to create with them, yet. I will only drop a hint that one is a cocktail and the other is a dish!

See you next week Thursday for our virtual tasting!

If you haven’t signed up yet, feel free to send an email to and I’ll make sure you get sorted out in time for the tasting so that we can explore the world of wine, together! Every month we will send a box with 2 - 3 wines, some recipes, access to our virtual tasting series and sometimes we throw in a special gift for you just because we want to say thank you for subscribing!

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