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Decanted! CWS Tour De Vino - February

Decanted! CWS Tour De Vino - February

I hadn’t thought about making a frosé with the Pratsch Organic Rosé from Austria, but this is why I do the writing and Marv does the mixing I guess. If ever you wanted a drink that

tastes like summertime; Pratsch Rosé + Angostura Watermelon Rum (I prefer the Sorrel) a little ice and a blender is all you need to recreate Marv’s concoction! (Photo from Caribbean Wines and Spirits Instagram)

The simple things in life are the best, and this certainly applies to food. Chef Ozzie came through with two of my favorite things, sliders and tacos and laid out some charcuterie and shrimp cocktail on us - a real smorgasbord.

On the subject of The Insider, I thought I’d try my own food pairing. The minute I tasted this bold red, I immediately said COWABUNGA and thought pizza!! I struggled to decide what to put on it at first (in fact I made three pizzas in the course of deciding which one was the winner) but figured it had to have something spicy on it. But, what? *rubs hands like Birdman*


Spicy chorizo, arugula, mozzarella and shaved parmesan won. I don’t mean to brag (like hell, I am absolutely bragging) but this might be the best damn pizza I have ever made and it is the PERFECT pairing for the Cabernet. If you ask nicely maybe, just maybe I will give you the recipe for my perfect pizza dough.

I mentioned that Mr. Mix the Cocktail Alchemist Marv Cunningham was in the building, and boy did he come to cap off what was already a stellar tasting session with a showcase of the Angostura White Oak Range. Marv is a real show off, but rightly so. It isn't bragging, if you're the best, right?

The White Oak Coconut Mojito was my favorite. It was a delightfully sweet twist on the

classic “La Bodeguita del Medio” Cuban mojito but without adding sugar. The flavors in the White Oak rums don’t taste like syrup, or overly sweetened like their competitors - you can sip these over ice or in your favorite cocktail.

Get signed up for the Caribbean Wines and Spirits Tour De Vino; a monthly subscription box with wine and recipes which includes a virtual tasting on the last Thursday of every month! Simply send an email to, and tell them Nick International, and The Food & Culture Co. sent you.

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