Mogano by Giorgio Locatelli - FCC Review #012

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” *cries in Mahogany House*. I had the opportunity to dine at Mogano yesterday evening on a whim, effectively, but nonetheless an experience I was looking forward to. Its predecessor Mahogany House was by far my favorite restaurant on the island. An incumbent, the Chef at Mahogany House (Chef Daniel Quirk) had the kitchen running like a well oiled machine, and the consistency of the dishes was matched only by a long-term front runner, Café Mat

Marcus @ Baha Mar - FCC Review #011

I’m not going to bitch about my restaurant fatigue anymore; I also love a good story so here we go. There is an all around great spirit that up until recently I was just Instagram friends with. Malēnē (@myyounglao); is a chef, writer, a sommelier and owner of some pretty fire Chuck Taylor’s. I had the pleasure, at her invite to dine at the mock dinner service for Nassau’s newest restaurant. Tucked away on the waterfront of the Grand Hyatt campus (head for the beach, and then

El Jefe de Brunch - Costa @ The Rosewood

I’ve had restaurant fatigue for so long now it was starting to feel like I’d never have the excitement of something different ever again. I’m not knocking any of the incumbents either, so I hope no one gets touchy – but honestly, there isn’t a single restaurant that does brunch like Costa at The Rosewood hotel. Hands down, the islands best brunch and I will die on this hill. You couldn’t pick a more serene and inviting aesthetic for a Sunday brunch. This isn’t where you come

FCC Review #009 - Cafe Boulud

Let me paint a picture for you as I sit here listening to Si tu vois ma mere by Sidney Bechet. I knew the minute I found out who the Head Chef was that this restaurant was going to be nothing short of immaculate. Refined, classic yet provocative. You don’t earn Michelin stars by bullshitting your way around the kitchen. You become an alchemist- a culinary chemist balancing the elements of technique, flavour, presentation, and uniqueness. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have had the be

Decanted! CWS Tour De Vino - February

Decanted! CWS Tour De Vino - February I hadn’t thought about making a frosé with the Pratsch Organic Rosé from Austria, but this is why I do the writing and Marv does the mixing I guess. If ever you wanted a drink that tastes like summertime; Pratsch Rosé + Angostura Watermelon Rum (I prefer the Sorrel) a little ice and a blender is all you need to recreate Marv’s concoction! (Photo from Caribbean Wines and Spirits Instagram) The simple things in life are the best, and this c

Decanted! CWS Tour De Vino - January

I think it is hilarious that one of the guests in the January installment of the CWS Tour De Vino virtual tasting series said that his partner had eaten all of the food prepared, and so he ended up only having wine on the night with no pairing. Literally, been laughing at that and many other funny moments since this past Thursday. Read FCC review #005 for the breakdown of what was in January’s wine box. As expected, the Chardonnay came through again and made a big second impr

FCC Review #005 - CWS January Wine Box

Have you watched the Netflix series Money Heist? This wine box is going to make you want to sing Bella Ciao out of pure unfiltered happiness! The intersection between travel and wine is the Tour de Vino, a monthly wine box subscription presented by Commonwealth Wines and Spirits. More on this in a bit. Let’s talk wine! There are many ways to explore the world, and many worlds of wine to explore. January starts us off in Italy. Italy is a very sentimental place for me. I have

Brunch Thyme @ Wild Thyme

Thyme for brunch! Chef Devan McPhee didn’t come to fuck around with any of the brunch incumbents in Nassau. Brunch Thyme at Wild Thyme launched this past Saturday, and it is the brunch that we’ve all been waiting for. Wild Thyme has a very homely feel, as though you’re visiting a regal family island estate home. It very much exudes the hallmarks of fine dining, without being ostentatious or pretentious. For brunch, this façade is suspended. The rustic open space and terraced

Six Dog's Distillery - Karoo Gin

The Food & Culture Co. - Review #001 Six Dog’s Distillery Karoo Gin, magnificent. Gin is one of life’s simplest pleasures and my favourite spirit. My staple cocktail is a classic gin and tonic. My favorite prohibition-era cocktail is the French 75. I wouldn’t call myself a gin expert, but I know a top quality gin when I taste one. A truly sublime gin is one where the last botanical infusion is the passion of the distiller. I’ve found a few such gins, but today the showstoppe