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The Bahamas is FINALLY Opening Up!

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt motivated to write. To keep it 100 with you I just didn’t have the motivation. I’m happy to report that not only do I feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

Lo and Behold, the Most Honorable Minnie finally delivered some relief to those of starved of travel and adventure. The Prime Minister must have heard us all cursing him under our breath.

I’m so happy to finally say that The Bahamas is opening back up. It has been a tough few weeks with random lock-downs and reversals of lock-downs, quarantines and confusion but at least now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, right?

I honestly thought I was going to fxxxxng lose it for a little bit there.

(I do not own the rights to this video)

Now that The Bahamas is opening back up, we need to clear the air on the rules for domestic travel. I don’t want anyone to take this emancipation from mental and physical lock-down for granted. You will ruin it for the rest of us, and I will come find you.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind as you begin searching Explore The Bahamas for that domestic holiday booking. First, you’re going to need to have a negative Covid-19 test result that is no more than 5 days old and masks are mandatory during your travel. This means, from the moment you leave your house until you arrive at your accommodations booked through Explore The Bahamas you *must* wear a mask. No exceptions.

Second, there is the pesky issue of quarantine. Although The Bahamas is opening back up, everyone will be required to quarantine for fourteen (14) days on arrival at your destination. What this means is, you will likely want to plan a longer vacation to the islands. If your trip is less than 14 days in duration, you’ll have to be quarantined for the duration of your stay. Masks are also mandatory as you move about the island(s) following your quarantine period.

This all sounds bit dismal, but Explore The Bahamas is going to help you have fun at your rental (without violating any social distancing or gathering protocols of course).

There is plenty to do over the course of three weeks on any island you decide to visit, but as of lately I seem to be having dreams of Long Island and something tells me that’s where I may end up first!

Wherever it is that you land next, at least The Bahamas is finally opening up, and we can begin to beat the blues of depression with the blues of our seas.

Be sure and visit - we are here to help you fly, stay and play in the islands of The Bahamas.

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