Nick International is a traveler, food blogger, lover of ribeye steaks, wine and champagne. A passion for great food and love of fine wine led to founding The Food & Culture Co. in 2015 dedicated to curating, teaching, promoting and preserving all things food, drink and culture. A home-chef with a flair for outdoor cooking, boasting a broad skill set in the kitchen, and able to make cuisine to match every stamp in his passport. 

There are many ways to explore the world, and many worlds of wine to explore. Sometimes, the best flights are a row of glasses. There is never a bad time to drink champagne. Enjoy my blog! 


Ride the waves, go jet skiing!

Today’s topic: Jet-skiing. One of the most underrated experiences in The Bahamas. First, a quick story for shits and giggles because we can all use a little laughter: My cousin got married last November and I thought it was a great idea to take a jet-ski over to Paradise Island for the post-wedding lunch. I sped out of Brown’s Boat Basin heading east, turned south and did 40mph throw the narrows, jumped some waves just for fun, and then slowed down to open some champagne whil

What's this all about?

“Now, we’ll go around the room and I want everyone to stand up and tell us your name and a little bit about yourself”. Do you remember having to do that? Oh my gosh I can’t stand it, just give me an awkward adhesive name tag and let’s call it a day, right? I guess I can’t escape this time, so let’s get acquainted. My real name is Nicholas. A few years ago some friends in South Africa gifted me with the nickname, Nick International and it stuck, for reasons that will become ob